Water meter replacement program

Water meter replacements have resumed. If you’re due for a water meter replacement or had a meter replacement appointment postponed, Neptune Technologies will be reaching out to you by letter or phone to book an appointment.

The City is replacing about 26,000 water meters by the end of 2023. New water meter installation is free and required to ensure accurate water billing for our customers.

The City of Guelph is working with Neptune Technology Group

If your water meter is due for replacement, you will receive a notice from the City of Guelph. Then Neptune Technology Group will send you instructions for booking an appointment to install the new meter.

When you receive your instructions and reference number please book an appointment online at watermeterappt.com or call 1-800-667-4387.

Neptune will not come to your home to install a water meter without an appointment.

If anyone claiming to be from Neptune or the City of Guelph asks to enter your property without an appointment, you can ask to see their identification, or call Water Services at 519-822-1260 extension 5627 to confirm their identity.

Preparing for your appointment

Water meters are typically located on the front wall of your home, and connected to the water shut off valve in your basement. Before your appointment, please clear the area about 50 centimetres (two feet) around your water meter and shut off valve. Please ensure shut-off valve is working properly before your appointment.

During the appointment

An adult (18 years or older) must be home during the appointment. Water meter replacement typically takes 30-90 minutes. The installer will need to shut off the water to your house while your water meter is being replaced.

About water meters and replacement

Water meters measure how much water you use. We typically use a water meter for about 15 to 20 years. Older water meters can become less accurate and may even leak.

The City of Guelph owns the water meter and is responsible for regular maintenance.

The property owner owns all other piping and plumbing inside the home or building out to the property line. The property owner must maintain household pipes to protect the water meter from issues like freezing, and is not permitted to tamper with the water meter.

From the water main to the curb stop is publicly owned, the residential service line and shut-off valve are privately owned. The City owns the water meter.

About Neptune Technology Group

Neptune Technology Group Inc. is a technology company serving more than 4,000 water utilities across North America. We make data actionable using effective software and hardware tools that are interconnected by a smart network, with expertise and experience specifically focused on the business of water.

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