Arkell Springs security upgrades

The City is making security upgrades to Arkell Spring grounds to increase the protection of Guelph’s water supply and to ensure public safety.

Security upgrades will begin on May 20, 2019 and are expected to be complete by the end of June 2019. Security upgrades will include:

  • Upgrades to security fencing, barriers and gates to prevent entry to the operational area
  • Renew signage that identifies legal trails and prohibited operational areas

Why are we upgrading security at Arkell Springs?

Arkell Springs is home to six water supply wells, a shallow groundwater collector and the Arkell aqueduct, which together provide 60 per cent of Guelph’s drinking water. Protection of this area is vital to ensuring safety of both the public and Guelph’s water supply.

In the interest of public health and safety, public use of certain areas of Arkell Springs is restricted. Risks to the public in these areas include moving operational vehicles and other heavy machinery, an active City of Guelph Police shooting range, and areas containing high-voltage electrical currents. Prohibiting access to these areas will keep visitors safe.

Hiking trails will still be accessible. While we will be putting up fencing and barriers to restrict access to certain areas for safety purposes, the City has worked closely with the Guelph HikingTrail Club to develop trail use agreements that outline what trails visitors are able to use safely. Patrons are to use permitted areas of the site and noted trails identified on trail maps only.

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