Multi-residential Water Audit Program

Available for multi-residential buildings of seven units or more

Guelph’s Multi-residential Water Audit Program offers a free water audit to superintendents, building owners, managers and condominium boards to help you better understand your building’s water use and options to save water and money.

Leaky irrigation systems, swimming pools or toilets in your building could be losing you money!  Apply for a free water audit to identify leaks and other water inefficiencies in your building.

Qualify today

The City of Guelph will determine a building’s eligibility to participate in the program based on the criteria listed below and the submitted application. Buildings may qualify for the program if they:

  • are located within the City of Guelph limits;
  • hold an active water account with the City;
  • have seven (7) suites or more, and
  • have an average water demand of at least 130 cubic metres (m3) per suite per year.

The City of Guelph will contact you in 2 business days after receiving the completed application.
Multi-Residential Water Audit Program application


440 KBMulti-residential Water Audit Application Form (printer-friendly) 433 KBMulti-Residential Water Audit Program Terms and Conditions

What is a water audit?

A water audit takes 7 days to complete and is conducted by the City of Guelph’s preferred consultant. During the audit, the consultant will:

  • Inspect water using fixtures and appliances in a sample of suites to determine:
    • toilet flush volumes
    • toilet leakage using toilet leak test strips
    • showerhead flow rates
    • kitchen and lavatory faucet maximum flow rates
    • the presence or absence of faucet aerators and the type of faucet aerators (if present)
    • the overall condition of all water using fixtures and appliances
  • Install monitoring equipment to track your building’s water use

Water audit report

Following the audit, the consultant will write a report that outlines:

  • Water use statistics for your building, building equipment and building processes
  • Suite inspection results
  • Evidence of unusual water demand patterns and indicators of excessive leakage in the building (if applicable)
  • Retrofit recommendations

Retrofits that save money and water will be recommended for your building in the report including estimated water reductions. We will help you invest in retrofits by providing rebates and financial incentives from the following programs:

  • Blue Built Home: Rebates for installing water efficient toilets and other water efficient fixtures in individual units
  • Water Smart Business: A financial incentive for updating process equipment including water softeners, HVAC system, cooling towers, boilers and chillers.
  • Residential Water Sub-Meter Program: Rebates for installing sub-meters in your building

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