Guelph Hydro-Alectra merger background

Advances in energy technology are making it harder for small and mid-sized utilities to offer competitive electricity prices and services. Typically, larger utilities are in a better position to improve local services and infrastructure because they spread the cost of these investments over more customers. Customers across Ontario expect modern, affordable electricity services like:

  • electric vehicle charging stations
  • small, local, renewable generation
  • home automation
  • smart-grid technology
  • advanced energy management systems
  • Owning part of Alectra will help Guelph keep pace with changing customer behaviour, new technologies, changing regulations, and increasing competition.

The City of Guelph recognized these changes in Ontario’s electricity and conducted a thorough review of its assets to ensure they were providing the best possible value for Guelph Hydro customers, the community, and the City of Guelph as the shareholder.

About the process

Guelph consulted the community, researched the electricity industry, conducted extensive financial analysis, and developed a detailed business case before deciding to become a part owner of Alectra.

October 2016

Guelph City Council appoints Strategies and Options Committee to compare maintaining full ownership of Guelph Hydro regarding buying, selling or merging with other utilities.

January 2017

Guelph Hydro customers invited to learn more, and ‘ask us anything’ during open house events, telephone surveys, Energizing Tomorrow website and social media.

February 2017

City Council decides not to sell Guelph Hydro, and directs Strategies and Options Committee to explore possible mergers with publicly-owned utilities and maintaining full ownership of Guelph Hydro.

June 2017

City Council approves further research into possible mergers.

Summer 2017

Guelph Hydro customers continue to ask questions, share comments, and participate in conversations with the Strategies and Options Committee at locations throughout the city.

October 2017

City Council enters into formal merger negotiations with Alectra Utilities

Winter 2017 to 2018

Partners submit a Merger, Acquisition, Amalgamation and Divestiture Application to the Ontario Energy Board, establish leadership and governance, and develop implementation plan