Fire Safety Trailer

The Fire Safety House is a learning tool to complement existing educational and other fire safety programs the Guelph Fire Department offers.

Left and right side views of the fire safety trailer

Living room of the safety trailer, featuring the fireplace, television, stove and sink
Bleachers in the safety trailer for kids to sit on during demonstrations

The Safety Trailer incorporates the following fire safety components:

  • Weather Package: sounds of rain, wind and lightning with a simulated shaking. Visual effects such as lightning are incorporated into this program. Weather Advisory and Blackout effects are simulated into the training.
  • 9-1-1 Simulator: training for calling 911 is demonstrated with hands on experience for the participants.
  • Fire Alarm System: sounding of a fire alarm and the types of devices available include state of the art warning devices for Hearing Impaired and Sight Impaired persons.
  • Emergency Lighting and Exit Sign:
  • Simulated Kitchen: mock kitchen with stove to simulate a stove top fire and oven fire.
  • Simulated waste basket fire
  • Mock Living Room: shows safety precautions that must be taken with simulated working fireplace.
  • Smoke Generating Machine: smoke can be placed in the different areas to give the participants a real life experience as to what to do if they encounter smoke.
  • Heated Door: demonstrates how to get out safely by feeling a bedroom door.
  • Escape Window: escape planning and knowing two ways out. Participants are taught how to escape safely giving them hands on experience of going through a window to a safe area by a safety ladder.
  • Interactive Training Area: equipped with computer stations. Computers will offer interactive fire safety games and information for the participants to use.
  • Video Cameras: installed inside and project to viewing monitors installed on the exterior of the unit.
A boy performing a window escape climbing through the window of the trailer

The Sprinkler Demonstration Module is another portion to the training and demonstrates the effectiveness of home sprinkler systems. This component is provided for special training in conjunction with out other programs we offer.

We look forward to meeting with you if you require additional information.

Before and after picture of the sprinkler demonstration module on fire, and then put out.

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