Market Mornings

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The City’s Market Morning program aims to animate public space by connecting artists with the community.

Local artists are engaged to lead out-door art-making activities that are open and free to the public over a four-week period each summer at Guelph Farmers’ Market.

Due to a lack of sponsorship, budget cuts and staff capacity Market Mornings will pause for 2019. The viability of the program will be reviewed for 2020.

Program goals

  • animate public space through public participation in creative activity
  • provide opportunities for artists to engage with the community


The City of Guelph will provide

  • designated outdoor working space on four Saturday mornings;
  • sun shelter, work tables and water access;
  • limited space for the storage of materials and work(s) in progress;
  • budget inclusive of an artist fee plus funding for materials and costs related to the completion and installation of the project;
  • support staff; and
  • marketing assistance and promotional materials.

The artist will

  • enter into an official agreement with the City of Guelph;
  • provide regularly scheduled public programming on four select Saturdays;
  • deliver the selected project within the program’s timeline and budget;
  • purchase and transport all materials related to the project;
  • provide regular progress updates to City staff;
  • be available to speak with the media; and
  • attend a debriefing session with City staff at the end of the program.