2014 RBC Market Mornings Artist – Ben McCarl

About Tower of Dreams: A Community Sculpture

Over the course of four Saturday mornings in August 2014, close to 200 people took part in a community sculpture project led by Guelph artist Ben McCarl.

The public was invited to create personalized “dream tiles” to decorate the pyramid-like structure in Market Square. Individuals were able to tint the clay to their desired colour and carve pictures and words that described their hopes and dreams.

The Tower was displayed in the main lobby of City Hall on a temporary basis after the end of the project.

Tower of Dreams

About the artist

Ben McCarl
Ben McCarl grew up in Guelph, Ontario and attended the University of Waterloo earning a BASc in Civil Engineering. McCarl created his first sculpture at the age of 21 and continued as a hobby for many years before retiring from his engineering career. He is now a full time artist, sculpting with winterstone, soapstone, alabaster and clay, and also sketching and painting. Other community-based sculptures include The Paper Bag Princess at Guelph Public Library, and The Celebration Sculpture at Guelph Youth Music Centre.