Downtown Directory pillar at Market Square

Facing east looking up Carden Street

The City is using wayfinding signs designed to improve the visitor experience downtown by installing temporary signs and directories to assist people in finding their destination or other points of interest. The descriptions below are intended to be accessible for a person with a disability who uses a screen reader, however the information is available to all.

Details about accessibility of locations

Details about the accessibility of locations within downtown are available on

Points of interest from this sign

  • Sleeman Centre50 Woolwich Street – 8 minutes ahead
  • River Run Centre, 35 Woolwich Street – 8 minutes ahead
  • Guelph Central Station, 79 Carden Street – 2 minutes ahead
  • Guelph Farmers’ Market, 2 Gordon Street – 2 minutes right
  • Guelph Civic Museum and John McCrae Statue, 52 Norfolk Street – 5 minutes left
  • St. George’s Square – 4 minutes ahead
  • Guelph Public Library, 100 Norfolk Street – 6 minutes left
  • Public washrooms inside Guelph City Hall or Pavilion – 1 minute right

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