Grass and weeds – City park maintenance

Report long grass and weeds in a park

We will respond within two business days.

To report long grass or weeds in parks or on boulevards you will need:

  • name of the park
  • name of the street at the nearest access point
  • location in the park
  • type of maintenance required

Guelph has over 1,000 hectares of parks and open space where you can find over 70 kilometres (km) of trails, paths and heritage features.

Minimum grass cutting standards

General parkland

  • 10 business days


  • Urban areas – 15 business days
  • Rural areas – twice annually, late spring/early summer and fall

Storm water management ponds

Seasonal maintenance, late summer/early fall. The open space surrounding storm water ponds is intended to be left in a natural state for water filtration and to provide habitat for wildlife.

We try to maintain a mowed rough-cut buffer behind homes at our common property lines, if accessible by mowers and site conditions allow.