Report a tree problem

If you see a fallen tree or branches causing a hazard or blocking a road, sidewalk, or trail please call 519-822-1260 extension 5626

Report a dead or dying tree hazard on private property

Request a tree inspection, pruning, or removal

Use the link below to report a problem with a City-owned tree

View a map of street trees in Guelph

When we receive your request, we will visit the property to assess potential risks or hazards. If there is no immediate risk or hazard, the work will be completed at a later date.

Request a tree inspection, pruning, planting or removal

Tree damage after a storm

After a storm, the City cleans up fallen trees and branches on public property. We respond to service calls based on potential risk to people or property.

Report a dead or dying tree hazard on public property

On your property, you are responsible for removing and disposing of dead, hazardous trees or branches.

Tree problem on Hanlon Parkway/Highway 6 North

Ontario Ministry of Transportation (MTO INFO)
416-235-4686 or toll-free at 1-800-268-4686
TTY: 905-704-2426 or 1-866-471-8929

Tree problem in Wellington County

Wellington County Roads Division

Help grow Guelph’s urban forest

Learn about tree-planting events, Guelph’s Urban Forest Management Plan, tree bylaw and permits and more at