Firefighters’ union negotiations

The City of Guelph is in contract negotiations with firefighters, represented by the Guelph Professional Firefighters Association (GPFFA).

Guelph firefighters help keep our community safe, and deserve to be paid well. The City values the important work they do, and hopes to negotiate an agreement that is:

Community safety is our first priority. Guelph’s Fire and Emergency Services will not be affected during contract negotiations.

Just the facts

Sometimes what we read, see or hear doesn’t objectively reflect the facts. Collective bargaining is a complex undertaking. The City of Guelph strongly believes that providing residents and taxpayers with accurate information is not in conflict with bargaining in good faith. We intend to do both.

Good to know

Process status

The City of Guelph and Guelph Professional Firefighters’ Association (GPFFA) are heading into negotiations.

Mayor’s statement made on February 26, 2018

“Tonight Council provided staff with direction and a mandate for the upcoming union negotiations with the Guelph Professional Firefighters Association Local 467.
Council was clear in its direction. We hope to negotiate a fair, reasonable and affordable contract with our unions; one that recognizes our belief that our employees should be compensated appropriately for the valued work they do, but also one that recognizes the balance needed to ensure long term affordability for our citizens.”

Mayor Cam Guthrie, City of Guelph