Information for City employees

We know this isn’t an easy time for you. We’re here to help provide resources and information.

Email access

If you’re on declared emergency leave, you can still access Outlook (emails and calendar) via Webmail.

Employment FAQs

How long will I be on declared emergency leave?

This leave is temporary and is in direct response to ongoing closures and cancellations due to COVID-19. We don’t yet know how long this might last.

When is my last pay?

Full-time employees will be paid up to and including Friday, April 24 (or Saturday, April 25 if this is your normal work schedule).

For non-union and CUPE Local 973 employees, your last pay will be deposited on Thursday, April 23. CUPE Local 241 employees will receive their last pay on Thursday, April 30.

Will my health and dental benefits continue while I’m on leave?

Your health and dental benefits will continue while you’re on leave, and you will continue to have access to the City’s Employee and Family Assistance Program.

Am I expected to work between now and April 25?

No. Today will be your last day of work.

You will be paid until April 24, inclusive. You can then file an application for employment benefits after your last paid day, April 24.

Can I use vacation rather than have to forego a paycheque?

You can use your earned vacation if you wish. I recommend you speak with one of our HR advisors, who are ready to support employees with information on various benefit programs—including the Canada Emergency Response Benefit (CERB). They will help you access information so you can make the right choice for your situation.

Will this affect how much vacation I get this year?

While you are on Emergency Leave, you will continue to accrue vacation time for this year.

If I can’t use my vacation before July 1 because I am on leave will I be able to carry it over (union)?

Please consult with your leader about scheduling vacation when you return to work. You can carry over 1 week of vacation, as outlined in your collective agreement. If leaves prevent you from using vacation, and you have more than one week left, you will be paid out for that surplus.

When will I get my record of employment so I can apply for the Canada Emergency Response Benefit (CERB)/Employment Insurance?

Records of Employment (ROE) will be submitted electronically to Service Canada after your final pay is processed. You will not get a paper copy. You can access your ROE online through your Service Canada account.

You can file an application for benefits after your last paid day, i.e. April 24.

How will I know when I’m being called back to work? How much notice will I get?

When we prepare for the return of regular City service delivery, we’ll contact you about your return to work.

We want to bring people back to work as soon as possible. That might mean short notice, but we’ll let people know as soon as we can.

How will this affect my OMERS?

While on emergency leave your OMERS contributions will stop. Upon return you will have an opportunity to buy back your OMERS service.

Are any non-union employees being placed on leave or is it just union staff?

Employees from across the organization, union and non-union, are impacted. Positions affected by these temporary leaves are those connected to work that isn’t required under the declared emergency.

What about managers and supervisors?

Yes, some managers and supervisors are also being place on declared emergency leave.

Will I still have access to my work space?

No, you won’t have access to physical workspaces while on leave. That is a reflection of the corporation’s security obligations and is in no way intended to reflect a lack of trust. Your access will be restored in full when you return to work.

Please connect with your supervisor if you need to collect anything form your desk.

Will I still have access to work email? Voicemail? Files?

You will still be able to access Outlook (emails and calendar) via Webmail.

You will not have access to the corporate network during your leave (files, Infonet.) That is a reflection of the corporation’s security obligations, and is in no way intended to reflect a lack of trust. Your access will be restored in full when you return to work.

Do I need to turn in my work equipment (computer, mobile phone, other equipment)?

You can hang onto your work equipment including computers and mobile phones while understanding you should not work while on leave.

Your supervisor will provide more information about City Visa cards and City vehicles if you also have these resources.

Can I take another job while I’m on leave or work freelance?

While on temporary leave you may take other work. You must notify the City. This other work may impact government benefits such as Employment Insurance or the Canada Emergency Response Benefit. You must be available to return to work at the City when requested.

How does the emergency declaration affect our collective agreements?

On April 16, 2020, the provincial government made an order under the Emergency Management and Civil Protection Act (EMCPA), O. Reg. 157/20 Work Deployment Measure for Municipalities, (Order) which authorizes municipalities to take any reasonably necessary measures with respect to work redeployment and staffing in order to prevent, reduce or mitigate the effects of COVID-19 on a specific list of critical municipal services (Critical Services).

How will this affect union seniority lists? If I can’t bump might someone become more senior than me while I’m off?

Seniority will not be adjusted unless a leave is more than 36 consecutive months.


Employee and Family Assistance Program

You are a valued employee of the City. We know this period of uncertainty is likely to cause added stress. You are welcome to access the confidential and free online services through our Employee and Family Assistance program at Homewood Health.

Income support (CERB and EI)

There are various federal income supports available during this time. To access these supports visit the Canadian Emergency Response Benefit (CERB) website. The site will help you determine which benefit (CERB or Employment Insurance) you qualify for and ensure you access the proper forms.

Additional resources for income support:

Support for people and families

If you need financial support for food, rent, childcare, mortgage payments, income taxes and more, there are resources available through provincial and federal programs.

Things to remember

Physical distancing: doing your part

Your health and wellbeing are critical for our community’s recovery. Get outside, stay active, and stay at least two metres away from people outside your household.

Feeling sick?

Use the COVID-19 self-assessment tool on to determine how to seek further care.

Stay connected

Whether you are working in a facility, at home or on declared emergency leave, stay connected. We may be physically separated but it’s important to stay connected and avoid feeling mentally isolated. Let’s support each other through this challenging time.

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