Solid Waste Resources business service review


About the review

Solid Waste Resources (SWR) is the first City service to undergo a full business service review using the new business service review framework.

The purpose of the SWR business service review is to look at what solid waste services we do well and what, if any, services need to change. We want to make sure the waste services we offer are the most efficient, effective and financially sustainable for our community and the City. 

As part of the SWR business service review, we ask ourselves:

  • What waste services do we currently provide?
  • How do we deliver waste services?
  • What service level do we currently offer?
  • Can we improve the way we deliver waste services?
  • What is the impact to the community and our organization if waste service levels are increased or reduced?
  • Can waste services be delivered in other ways?

Services to be reviewed

  • Waste collection: Curbside collection, which includes residential, business and commercial collection as well as the Public Waste Drop-off.
  • Waste processing: Organic waste processing, Guelph’s overall recycling process, operations at the material recovery facility, closed landfill operation, transfer station operation and household hazardous waste processing.
  • Material output: sale of waste materials, disposal of waste to landfill and reuse of waste materials.
  • Administration and customer service: customer contact and issue resolution, public education, contract management and enforcement.

Potential outcomes

During the SWR business service review, the City will gather staff feedback, public input and research on Guelph’s current solid waste services as well as best practices from other municipalities to develop recommendations for Council’s consideration. Potential recommendations may include, but are not limited to:

  • No change – we are delivering the right service at the right level.
  • Change service level – we are delivering the right service but should increase or decrease the level of service, which may or may not require additional resources.
  • Change service delivery – we are delivering the right service but should change the way we offer the service, which may or may not require a change to resources.
  • Change service type – we are not offering the right service and need to change it, which may or may not require stopping to offer a service that is not meeting the needs of users or starting a new service.

Service delivery options

The SWR business service review will examine two service delivery options:

  • In-house—City of Guelph owns the service and City staff provide the service
  • Out-sourcing—the City owns the service and contracts it out to an external organization

Process credibility and methodology

We are committed to integrity, diligence and transparency during the SWR business service review. As a responsible and objective service provider, the City has no pre-conceived service delivery solution.

The City is working in partnership with Dillon Consulting Limited—an award-winning, impartial, technical expert—to conduct the alternative service delivery assessment and municipal comparator analysis for the SWR business service review. Working with a consultant adds objective third-party credibility to the review results. Dillon Consulting has an in-depth understanding of waste services across Canada and recent experience conducting reviews of municipal solid waste programs and systems for the cities of Toronto, Saskatoon and White Rock, regions of Durham and Halton and the districts of Muskoka and North Vancouver.

Proposed timeline

The SWR business service review began in January 2017 and will include the following:

  • Discovery phase, including process maps for all SWR processes in the service review (target completion by July 2017)
  • Analysis and identification phases, including an alternative service delivery assessment (target completion by September 2017)
  • Interim report containing options for service delivery and high level improvements identified to date (target completion September 2017)
  • Final report containing recommendations for a service delivery method and process improvements including budget impacts (being presented at May 28, 2018 Council meeting)
  • Implementation report containing implementation and/or transition plans for service review recommendations (timeline to be determined).

Quarterly update reports


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