Environmental planning

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Environmental assessments and studies

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Guidelines for developers

In addition to environmental planning policies set out in Guelph’s Official Plan, please consider the following when preparing a development application.

Guidelines for Environmental Impact Studies

Trees and urban forest

Learn more about Guelph’s Urban Forest Management Plan, Tree Bylaw, tree removal permits, and more at guelph.ca/trees.

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Learn more about Guelph’s environmental plans and programs at guelph.ca/environment

Related resources


Guelph, is taking action to restore local brownfields to create healthy, attractive and thriving neighbourhoods. Learn more at guelph.ca/brownfields.

Brownfield Redevelopment Community Improvement Plan


Guelph is planning to use less energy in 25 years than we do today. Learn more at guelph.ca/energy.

Guelph’s Community Energy Initiative


Guelph has the highest waste diversion rate in the province. Our goal is to keep 70% of our waste out of the landfill by 2021. Learn more about Guelph’s garbage, recycling, composting and other waste management programs, standards and bylaws at guelph.ca/waste

Water and waste water

Guelph is a groundwater community, and we’re serious about protecting and conserving Guelph’s water supply. Learn more at guelph.ca/water.