City of Guelph Improvement Network

The City of Guelph’s Improvement Network helps departments and the organization modernize services and achieve great results.

We support service areas in their own improvement activities by providing problem solving and innovation support, practitioners and tools. This is part of how we can build capacity for organizational improvement together.

Harnessing the power of collaboration, we are creating momentum to accelerate improvement and innovation to deliver services better.

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Guelph Lab

Innovation partnership with the University of Guelph. Builds interdisciplinary teams to address big picture policy challenges facing the City.

Civic Accelerator

A problem-based procurement model to help solve departmental challenges. Runs on collaboration with external innovation teams seeking to develop new civic tech. Focus is on challenging problems with no clear solutions.

Ongoing Improvement Activity

Work teams’ proactive continuous approach to improve current services and process. Management and Council decision making and approval process through tools such as staff reports and budget cycles.

Round Tables

Collaborative teams of employees, citizens and other stakeholders focus on cross-cutting issues to design better services and policy.

Innovation Fund

Resource support to frontline staff to champion and implement ideas of efficiency, effectiveness and cost savings.

Business Process Improvement

Continuously improving the way work gets done, in order to make the processes more efficient and effective for the organization.