Guelph Transit business service review

About the business service review

Guelph Transit is the fourth City service to undergo a full business service review using the business service review framework.

The business service review will shine a light on what we do well and what needs to change. We will ask ourselves:

  • What transit services do we currently provide?
  • How do we deliver transit services?
  • What transit service level do we currently offer?
  • Can we improve the way we deliver transit services?
  • What is the impact to the community, our organization and City employees if transit service levels are increased or reduced?
  • Can transit services be delivered in other ways?


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about the business service review

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Guelph Transit
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In scope

The specific Guelph Transit services being reviewed are:

  • Transit service: service operations for conventional, mobility and specialized
  • Administration: administration processes as they relate to planning and scheduling, customer service, and the processes for conducting fare and route reviews

Out of scope

The following Guelph Transit services are not part of this review:

  • Route review
  • Fare and fee rate review
  • Fleet: maintenance and repair operations
  • Proposal development, assessment of specific third-party amalgamation/interregional transit services (e.g. GO Transit, Metrolinx, Grand River Transit)

Potential outcomes

The review team will gather public input, employee feedback and research on Guelph’s current transit services as well as benchmarking from other municipalities, to develop recommendations for consideration. Potential recommendations may include, but are not limited to:

  • No change: we are delivering the right service at the right level
  • Change service level: we are delivering the right service but should increase or decrease the level of service, which may or may not impact resource levels
  • Change service delivery: we are delivering the right service but should change the way we offer the service, which may or may not require a change to resources
  • Change service type: we are not offering the right service and need to change it, which may or may not require stopping to offer a service that is not meeting the needs of users.

Service delivery options

The review will examine four service delivery options:

  • Rationalization: provide the service or don’t provide the service
  • In-house: City of Guelph staff provide the service
  • Outsourcing: the City owns the service and contracts it out to an external organization
  • Partnership: the City partners with an external organization

Process credibility

We are committed to integrity, due diligence and transparency during the Guelph Transit business service review. As a responsible and objective service provider, the City has no pre-conceived service delivery solutions. The City of Guelph requested proposals, in accordance with the Procurement Bylaw, for a third-party consultant to provide impartial, technical expertise, in support of benchmarking, service provision and performance analysis. This will add objective third-party credibility to the review results.

Milestones and timeline

The Guelph Transit business service review, which began in February 2018, includes the following:

  • Planning, including development of business charter (completed by March 2018)
  • Discovery, including process maps for all Guelph Transit processes in the service review (completed by June 2018)
  • Analysis, including performance data and benchmarking (completed by September 2018)
  • Identify, including further analysis and opportunities for improvement (completed by October 2018)
  • Improve, including recommendations and opportunities for improvement as well as budget impacts and implementation and/or transition plans (completed by December 2018)
  • Sustain, including controls to sustain improvements (completed by January 2019)

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