2024 Phase 3 – Neighbourhood recipients

Amount awarded How funds will be used
$500.00 The Buttahfly Cultural Food Pantry: The Buttahfly Cultural Food Pantry aims to address food insecurity among African, Black, and Caribbean communities in Guelph and Wellington County by providing culturally relevant foods and spices. The funds will be used to consult with health professionals, create educational resources on healthy eating, and distribute these materials to community groups.
$500.00 BIPOC Markets: Two BIPOC Markets are scheduled for July and August to celebrate and support BIPOC artisans, entrepreneurs, and community members. These markets aim to create inclusive spaces that highlight the talents and contributions of BIPOC individuals.
$500.00 African Dance Workshop: A one-day free African dance workshop in Guelph will be led by three leading African dance choreographers from the GTA. The funds will cover instructor costs, transportation, studio rentals, marketing, and other miscellaneous expenses.
$500.00 Night of Culture: This event will showcase the beauty of African culture through Afrobeats music and performances. The goal is to celebrate and leverage the growing popularity of Afrobeats to bring the community together.
$1,000.00 Huron Community Garden Pizza Oven: The project involves repairing and protecting the existing pizza oven in the Huron Community Garden and hosting community pizza parties. The funds will be used to fix the oven, build a protective structure, and organize events that bring the community together.
$750.00 Autism Spectrum Series: This grant will facilitate a series of workshops aimed at fostering acceptance, empowerment, and community for individuals on the autism spectrum. Participants will learn interview skills and share their journeys, culminating in a public storytelling performance that will be recorded and shared.
$750.00 Kitchen Gear for Weekly Lunches: Funds will be used to purchase new kitchen gear, including larger muffin tins, a stand mixer, disposable food packaging, a folding table, and missing ingredients. This will support the preparation and serving of weekly lunches.
$500.00 Outdoor Movie and Games Night: An event in September at GCVI will raise awareness and funds for women’s health issues through outdoor movies and games. The grant will be used to purchase materials for the games and help with setup costs.
$500.00 NeighbourFit Program: NeighbourFit aims to foster confidence and enhance fitness levels for adults in the community through accessible and inclusive drop-in workout sessions. The grant will cover simple equipment, instructor honoraria, and session scaling based on available funding.
$500.00 Cooking Program: This program will teach valuable life skills related to home economics, including foundational cooking skills, kitchen safety, budgeting, shopping, and healthy eating habits. The grant will fund space rental, lesson plans, partnerships, and sustainability practices.
$1,000.00 Music and Art Collaboration Event: This event will bring together local musicians and artists to create art inspired by live music. The audience will be provided with art materials to participate, and the grant will cover musician fees, venue rental, materials, and advertising.
$500.00 Tech Literacy Workshops: A series of workshops aimed at low-income communities will teach basic to intermediate tech literacy and accessibility skills. The grant will fund space rental, snacks, USB thumb drives, and the workshop coordinator’s fees.
$500.00 Community Fair: A fair featuring a speaker on racism and black culture, along with student performances in drumming, dancing, spoken word, and sports. The grant will cover the speaker’s fee and supplies for the event.
$500.00 Stitch Together Community Mending Project: This DIY clothing repair and sewing program will offer free drop-in sessions and workshops at various locations around Guelph. The grant will fund workshop supplies, advertising, refreshments, and volunteer support.
$500.00 Art Workshops for International People: A series of art workshops designed to connect international individuals with the local community through creative activities. The grant will cover space rental, art supplies, an event photographer, and refreshments.
$1,000.00  Somali Community Events: The grant will fund community gatherings and cultural celebrations to showcase Somali heritage and foster connections within the Guelph community. The funds will cover refreshments and supplies for these events.
$500.00 Fireflies on the Fringe Festival: A performing arts festival for children during the Guelph Fringe Festival, providing free, high-quality performances in community-based settings. The grant will cover artist fees and theater tech time.
$500.00 Block Party: A block party in the South End of Guelph to promote community connections and reduce feelings of isolation. The grant will fund food, beverages, printed posters, activity materials, supplies for organized games, and event equipment rentals.
$500.00 Outdoor Adventure Group Equipment: Funds will be used to purchase first aid kits, sunscreen, bug spray, ice cleats, and hiking poles to ensure the group’s events remain accessible and financially inclusive. All events are offered at no cost to participants.