2023 Phase 2 – Neighbourhood recipients

Amount awarded How funds will be used
$500 This project will offer support to unhoused people in Guelph through offering nutritional food and supplies.
$1,000 This project will support the Wyndham House’s Peer Support Program monthly support group and recreational activities for youth who have achieved sobriety, providing opportunities to build relationships, reduce isolation, and maintain recovery through peer-led meetings and community engagement.
$500 This community art project invites participants to create potato print cards with messages of appreciation and kindness that can be used as random acts of kindness for neighbours and friends.
$1,000 The “Stardust” event aims to create an inclusive, accessible dance space for 2SLGBTQIA+ high school students in Guelph, featuring performances and activities.
$750 This project will support excursions, meet-ups and workshops for a multi-school Muslim Students groups.
$1,000 The project aims to organize a second “Queer Art Crawl” event in Downtown Guelph, expanding on the success of the first event by including performances, musicians, and photography, all while promoting inclusivity and supporting the 2SLGBTQ+ community.
$1,000 This project will support multi-cultural art through dance performances that represent diverse cultures in a neighbourhood setting.
$1,000 This project will deliver cooking lessons for community members to build capacity for preparing healthy, culturally relevant meals and preserving food, while fostering social engagement and linking garden activities with community kitchen resources.
$1,000 The project aims to organize a Queer Ball in Guelph, celebrating LGBTQ2IA+ culture through themed categories, performances, and competitions, with grant funds covering venue rental, refreshments, supplies, and artist fees to create an inclusive and vibrant community event.
$1,000 This project will develop, present, and share a series of knowledge sharing/teaching workshops that promotes indigenous ways of knowing and being.
$500 This project aims to run a three-part workshop series to empower people with lived experience of poverty to become community advocates and builders, covering costs for promotion, venue rental, food, guest speaker honoraria, and printed materials.
$500 The project will support the Beyond the Book author event at the Children’s Reading Room and will include three local children’s authors to read their stories aloud to families in attendance.
$500 The project will support the Yukon Gold Folk Club music series featuring monthly concerts, school workshops, and community engagement, with a focus on underrepresented voices in Canadian Folk music.
$500 This project will offer mailbox spaces that are accessible to unhoused people.
$1,000 The project aims to enhance and expand inclusive LGBTQ+ community events, including themed meetups by using funds for decorations, refreshments, activities, and promotional materials to create welcoming spaces and attract new members.
$500 The is funding will support the Guelph Chinese Canadian Culture Group to offset annual rental expenses to continue to provide various events and club activities, including cultural celebrations and wellness-focused groups.