2023 Phase 1 Activating Community Micro-Grant Projects (Arts)

Amount awarded How funds will be used
$500 Ceramic art that features the inner dialogue of the artists and include themes such as dysmorphia, self-doubt, and uncertainty.
$750 Laser cut art with a feature on landscapes that will be exhibited and accessible to the public.
$700 Supporting 2SLGTBQ+ artists through the production of Guelph’s Queer Arts Festival.
$750 The development of a women-led contemporary circus show featuring balancing, partner acrobatics, trapeze, and aerial fabrics.
$500 Multi-song EP to support death and grief literacy through themes of grief, death, and dying.
$750 A magazine featuring local arts and cultural commentary for the Black diaspora in Guelph and surrounding area, available through print and digital content.
$750 Supporting local musicians who identify as female through the production of a local Women in Music show.
$600 Illustrations and copyediting to produce a fantasy chapbook featuring queer characters.
$750 An interactive and immersive experimental video installation featuring projections, live video capture, and generative and algorithmic video.
$750 Live music and rave night for a queer-oriented dance event that features 2SLGBTQ+ artists and DJs
$750 A dance production expressing the theme of finding balance through MENAHT (Middle Eastern, North African, Hellenic, and Turkish) dance.
$750 Video production featuring the impact of peer support and creativity in the lives of existing and emerging artists with disabilities.
$750 Summer programming for youth to learn the arts of drama and performance inspiring self-confidence, creativity, and imagination in participating youth.
$750 Music production EP exploring themes of identify and belonging.
$750 Group exhibition and pictorial poetry featuring the theme of freedom to be exhibited as part of the Days of Ukrainian Culture in Guelph.
$750 A painting event pairing seniors with young people to explore how painting can help combat feelings of isolation.
$750 A project which focuses on the use of “Motanka” (Ukrainian rag dolls that symbolize protection over a family) as a symbol of peace in a time of war.
$750 Salvaging furniture from landfill and using techniques such as painting, staining or decoupage to repurpose and give new life to furniture.