2021 development charges update

We recently completed the 2021 Development Charges Background Study Update to gather information to inform the updates to Guelph’s Development Charges (DC) Bylaw and DC rates.

Read the 2021 Development Charges Background Study Update report

In response to the recent legislative changes, we need to align and update our Development Charges (DC) Bylaw with the changes from provincial Bills 108, 138, 197 and 213. The City worked with Watson and Associates Economists Ltd. to complete the DC Background Study Updte to help address these legislative changes. This mini DC background study is not a full DC study and will only address the above mentioned legislative changes with limited scope for impacted services. We plan to do a full study in 2022/2023 with more in-depth stakeholder engagement and longer study timelines.

Resources and background materials

Development Charges Bylaw (2021)-20643Development Charges Bylaw pamphlet Staff report: 2021 Development Charges Bylaw Amendment 2021-264Attachment 1: Residential Rate TablesAttachment 2: Non-residential Rate TablesAttachment 3: Development Charges Background Study UpdateAttachment 4: 2019-20372 Draft Development Charges Bylaw AmendmentAttachment 5: Staff Presentation for Report 2021-264

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