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Breezy Breakfast Radio Hour

Episode #21—City budget time!
Trevor Lee, Deputy CAO, and Tara Baker, CFO from the City of Guelph, give a preview of what to expect in this year’s budget.

Guelph Politico

Episode #246—Explaining the Multi-Year Budget
Tara Baker, the general manager of finance and the treasurer for the City of Guelph, talks about the budget.

Podcast #6: Moving in the Future

In this week’s Big “G” in Conversation, Wendy King takes a virtual ride with Guelph Transit to see what’s planned for the future of transit in Guelph and the impacts on the budget. Grab a seat and join us!

Podcast #5: Service in the 21st Century

In this week’s podcast, host Wendy King is talking with staff about customer service, and Guelph’s plans to modernize service to residents and businesses.

Podcast #4: Growing Pains – Big G In Conversation

Host Wendy King talks to staff about the good and the challenge of growing the City of Guelph.

Podcast #3: Building our City of Guelph – Big G In Conversation

Host Wendy King talks big budget bucks… the cost of maintaining and replacing city infrastructure.

Podcast #2: COVID-19 – Big G In Conversation

Like everyone else, COVID-19 has left its mark on the City of Guelph. Host Wendy King talks with staff about how this pandemic has hit city services, the community and of course, the budget.

Podcast #1: Backstage at the 2021 budget

If the City of Guelph budget were a concert, what would it be like to be backstage?

Host Wendy King talks to City staff about their completely new budget process.