2018 recommended budget

Recommended non-tax-supported budget

The 2018 proposed non-tax-supported operating budget represents the City of Guelph’s commitment to maintaining the health and safety of the community, meeting legislative requirements and providing exceptional customer service.

The City’s non-tax-supported budget is comprised of Ontario Building Code (OBC) Administration, Court Services, Water Services, Wastewater Services, and Stormwater Services.

The total staff recommended 2018 operating budget is $75,885,487

567 KBRecommended non-tax-supported budget
2018 recommended non-tax-supported budget

Recommended capital budget

The 2018-2027 recommended Capital Budget and Forecast is the City of Guelph’s plan to enable the City to live within its means while taking care of what it owns and planning for the future.Through the capital budget, the City is investing capital funds into Guelph’s infrastructure, ensuring current and future generations will be able to enjoy all the opportunities Guelph has to offer.

The budget is focused on taking care of existing infrastructure, systems and programs to ensure the community’s health and safety, and meeting legislative requirements. It strives to balance affordability for the community with current capital and infrastructure needs.

The total staff recommended 2018 Capital Budget is $90,788,062

864 KB2018 recommended Capital Budget and Forecast
2018 recommended Capital Budget and Forecast

Recommended tax-supported operating budget

The 2018 proposed tax-supported operating budget focuses on delivering the services and programs that matter most to our community while remaining affordable for taxpayers.The total staff recommended 2018 operating budget is $232,907,226 which represents a 2.19 percent net tax levy increase over 2017.

In addition to the base budget increase, Council will also consider:

  • City departmental expansions totaling a net levy requirement of $3,194,028 or 1.4 per cent increase to the net tax levy
  • an additional contribution towards the City’s long-term goal of sustainable capital funding in the form of the dedicated infrastructure levy of 1.0 percent of the overall 2018 net tax levy
  • Local board expansions totaling a net levy requirement of $567,409 or 0.25 percent
2 MBRecommended tax-supported operating budget
2018 recommended tax-supported operating budget

Recommended local boards and shared services

The City of Guelph’s recommended 2018 local boards and shared services operating budget includes:

  • Guelph Public Library Board
  • Wellington-Dufferin-Guelph Public Health
  • County of Wellington Social Services and Social Housing
  • The Elliott
  • Downtown Guelph Business Association
  • Guelph Police Service Board

With the exception of the Downtown Guelph Business Association, the City’s share of these services is funded through the tax levy. These budgets have been extracted from the City’s traditional tax-supported operating budget as City Council has limited or no control over these costs.

490 KBLocal boards and shared services
2018 recommended local boards and shared services budget