Licensing driving instructors

On July 29, 2013 City Council passed an amendment to the Business Licence by-law to licence driving instructors operating in Guelph. This amendment to the Business Licence by-law allows the City to regulate where driver instruction can take place in Guelph.

Why is the City licensing driving instructors?

Municipal driving instructor licensing regulations help address community safety concerns related to an increase in traffic from driver training on residential streets near Guelph’s Drive Test Centre, and ensure driving instructors are licensed by the Ontario Ministry of Transportation and possess liability insurance.

How does licensing driving instructors benefit our community?

By licensing driving instructors, the City aims to:

  • reduce traffic on residential streets near Guelph’s Drive Test Centre
  • reduce the number of driving instructors operating without a valid Ministry of Transportation Driving Instructor Licence and liability insurance

Who is required to be licensed?

The business licence bylaw requires all individuals who accept payment for the purposes of providing driver instruction/training in Guelph to be licensed.

What is required of a driving instructor to be licensed by the City?

The business licence application must provide:

  1. One valid piece of identification
  2. Automobile liability insurance endorsed for driver training operations
  3. Proof the individual possess a valid Ministry of Transportation Driving Instructor’s Licence

Do driving instructors from other cities require a City of Guelph business licence to operate in Guelph?

If a driving instructor provides training in Guelph a City of Guelph business licence is required.

Why doesn’t the City licence driving schools rather than the instructors?

Licensing a driving school would not be as effective as licensing instructors when regulating driving instructors operating on Guelph’s residential streets. This is because not all instructors are employed by a driving school.

Why does the City licence a driving instructor if these individuals are already licensed by the Ministry of Transportation (MTO)?

The Ministry of Transportation’s licensing for driving instructors does not regulate where driving instructors provide their instruction. Business licensing for driving instructors does allow the City to regulate the locations where driver training can take place.

Will driving instructors be prohibited from operating on regulated streets?

The City’s intent is to reduce the number of driving instructor vehicles on regulated streets. Driving instructor vehicles are permitted for use for a student’s Ministry of Transportation driving examination. Further, driving instructors providing training to residents residing on these streets will be permitted to operate on the street for the purpose of providing training to these students.

Why are by-law officers permitting driving instructors’ vehicles to operate on regulated streets?

It is not always necessary for a bylaw officer to identify the driving instructor on-site. The officers are monitoring these streets and recording data so further action may be taken.

Who should I call to report a possible violation?

Please call the Bylaw Compliance Office at 519-836-7275. The City will respond and confirm whether the vehicle is being used for a Ministry of Transportation driving examination or if a resident of the street is being provided instruction.