Guelph Film Office

From limestone buildings to modern structures, Guelph’s rich history boasts a varied and unique mix of locations available to the filming community. Conveniently located one hour west of Toronto, Guelph is a welcoming community to the film and television sector.

Film notifications


Production companies require a permit from the City of Guelph if the filming:

  • occurs on any City of Guelph owned property; including but not limited to: parks, roads/streets, facilities, sidewalks, etc.
  • violates a City of Guelph bylaw; activities that include but not limited to: noise, parking, pyrotechnics, street closure, etc.

Step 1: Request a Filming Permit

Complete a Filming Permit Application Form and return to the Guelph Film Office no later than two weeks before your film date (for larger productions this timeline may need to be extended to allow for additional resources). Any application submitted later than two weeks may not be approved.

Step 2: Certificate of Insurance

Prior to issuing a filming permit, production companies must provide the Guelph Film Office with a  Certificate of Insurance adding the City of Guelph as an additional insured from all permit applicants. The film liaison will inform the production company of the amount of insurance required upon reviewing the Film Permit Application.

Step 3: Letters of Notification

Production companies must inform resident’s of filming in the area five days in advance of filming. You can view the requirement for Letters of Notification here.

Step 4: Contract

The production company may be asked to sign a contract with the City of Guelph outlining costs associated with filming in public zones. This contract may also include guidelines that the production company must adhere to while filming in Guelph.

Step 5: Film Permit

Once all conditions have been satisfied the Guelph Film Office will issue a permit to the production company to film within the city of Guelph.

For more information

Christine Chapman
Marketing Coordinator
Economic Development
519-822-1260 extension 2823