Grow Guelph Business Visitation and Survey Program

What is the Business Visitation and Survey Program?

Existing firms within a local community are the engines of economic growth and they set the stage for the local business climate and a community’s quality of life.  The Business Visitation and Survey is a community-wide program to survey the needs, concerns, and future plans of Guelph’s business community.

What is in the survey?

Questions are focused around topics of:

  • Business climate
  • Business development and planning
  • Workforce
  • Export and outsourcing

For examples of questions included in the survey, see the 2014 survey results and the 2016 survey results.

How does it work?

Each survey is roughly one hour and is conducted by two visitors from the Grow Guelph Task Force. All representatives that are present must sign a contract of confidentiality and be committed to upholding this principle in order to obtain valuable feedback for analysis. No business will be identified individually in the reporting of results.

What are the results used for?

The results are analysed and reported back to the business community. Guelph business service organizations and cater programs that help address issues, barriers or enhance opportunities where they have been identified.

See how other business service organizations used BR+E survey results to support business growth in the 2015 Progress Report.

“These face to face interviews provided an opportunity to hear the individual needs of business and understand how to better assist with their growth. Acting on this feedback the Guelph Chamber of Commerce altered its 2015 programming to deliver what businesses told us they needed. We listed and acted.” – Kithio Mwanzia

“At the City of Guelph, we want to do everything we can to help local businesses prosper and thrive. But we don’t want to guess at what your needs are. Please take an hour out of your busy schedule to provide your input – so that we can design programs and services that work for your business.” – Mayor Cam Guthrie

For more information or to participate in a business survey

Christine Chapman 
Economic Development Officer
519-822-1260 extension 2823