EmployerOne survey

The EmployerOne Survey is conducted every other year by the Workforce Planning Board of Waterloo Wellington Dufferin. The survey collects essential information about the labour market, including hiring challenges and specific workforce needs, from employers and businesses across all industries. The City of Guelph’s economic development division a partner organization for this initiative and benefits from the business intelligence collected.

Survey objective

To better understand workforce issues facing businesses in Guelph.

What types of information is collected?

The EmployerOne survey asks employers to provide information on a range of labour topics and trends including projected vacancies, hiring intentions, recruitment strategies and challenges, as well as perceptions on candidate skills, education and training.

How is this information used?

After analysis, the aggregated data will be released to educators, trainers, community partners, government agencies and the public. These stakeholders use the results to improve their understanding of the local labour markets and develop strategies to support overall workforce and employer needs.

Why is this important?

Accurate business intelligence is an important way of ensuring programming will meet the needs of businesses. The data collected provides insight into challenges and opportunities that businesses are experiencing and is essential in the development of support services, programs, and resources for businesses. The more respondents the survey receives, the more accurate, geographically representative, and complete the data set becomes.

Photo college showing various occupations. "EmployerOne survey. Your Workforce. Our Future."