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Guelph, Ont., September 19, 2023 – Help choose between two playground design options for two of the playgrounds that we’ll be replacing next year.

We’ve taken your ideas from phase one of engagement, which ran in November 2022, to create the proposed designs for each park.

Choose between two playground options:

Dovercliffe Park, 38 Dovercliffe Road

Play Power rendering, Dovercliffe Park: Four distinct play areas with a colourful climber section, with a rainbow slide, a play house, a tall play area with shade and three straight slides and one curly slide and a separate swing area with two accessible swings, two toddler swings and two swings for older kids.





New World Solutions rendering, Dovercliffe Park: A playground with five distinct play areas plus extra components in the open. One play area is tall with an extra wide slide, shade and intermediate climbing elements, one is shorter with a smaller slide and easier climbing elements, a play house area and a swing area with two accessible swings, two toddler swings and two swings for older kids. There is also some sensory music equipment off to one side.


Howitt Park, 81 Beechwood Avenue

Henderson rendering, Howitt Park: A green themed playground with four distinct play areas, including a swing area containing two older kid swings, one toddler swing and one accessible swing, a tall play area with intermediate climbing activities, shade and three slides, a smaller structure with shade, a short slide and sensory play plus a climbing web area.




New World Solutions, Howitt Park: Also a green themed design with four distinct play areas including a tall and challenging climbing structure, a tall play area tree shapes, a rustic shed styled shade area, some climbing features and two slides, plus a smaller play area with sensory play and a smaller slide with the same rustic shed shade structure. In the foreground is a swing area with two swings for older kids, an accessible swing and a toddler swing.





We’ll use the survey information to choose which playground designs we’ll build. Construction is expected to begin in spring/summer 2024, weather and supplies permitting.

Accessible playground design options coming later this year:

University Village Park, 93 Ironwood Road

As outlined in the Parks and Recreation Master Plan (PRMP) and in consultation with the Accessibility Advisory Committee, the new play equipment at University Village Park will include fully accessible play equipment and safety surfacing.

Phase two community engagement for University Village Park will take place separately later this year. Construction is still anticipated to occur in spring/summer 2024.

Managing construction costs

We’re excited to bring your ideas to life use as we finalize playground designs. Over the past few years, our ability to move capital projects forward has been dependent on product availability and inflationary pressures. We’ll continue to do our best to make sure the playground replacements proceed on schedule. If there are significant changes to the project schedule, or we adjust which playgrounds will be replaced this year, we’ll share the news on, Facebook and Twitter and we’ll email participants who subscribed to

About playground replacements

When we replace playground equipment, we’re not just building a fresh space to play; we’re working together to build our future. Playground replacements are an investment in a neighbourhood’s social wellbeing and the kids who will grow up with it for the next 18 to 20 years. We consider available budget, maintenance, how to the equipment will make the play fun for everyone and comments from our community when designing new space.

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