Water main leak detection

June to November 2023

The City has hired Hetek Solutions (Hetek) to detect leaks in Guelph’s water mains using acoustic (listening equipment) that will take place from June to November 2023. Hetek will listen for leaks throughout all of Guelph at all 2,835 City-owned fire hydrants and all 4,325 City-owned water main valves.

Work begins in June

Leak detection will take place overnight to minimize background noise. There are no impacts to water services and no excessive noise during the leak detection process.

What is acoustic leak detection?

Acoustic leak detection is a non-invasive method that connects sensitive listening equipment to fire hydrants and water main valves and collects sound data from water mains. Sound data collected is then analyzed to identify locations of leaks in water mains. If a leak is identified, the City will investigate further to see whether or not repairs are necessary.

How will I identify Hetek employees?

Hetek staff can be easily identified through visible identification and personal protective equipment that is reflective and brightly colored. All of Hetek’s vehicles will have an “under contract to The City of Guelph” magnet on the side with a prominently featured city logo.

For more information

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