City of Guelph breaks ground at the Baker District redevelopment site on June 20

The groundbreaking recognizes the on-site work done to date and celebrates the start of construction of the new central library, underground parking garage and public squares

Guelph, Ont., June 7, 2023 – The City of Guelph and the Guelph Public Library Board will celebrate the start of the library’s construction as part of the Baker District redevelopment project with an on-site groundbreaking on June 20.

“The groundbreaking at the Baker District redevelopment site is an exciting milestone for Downtown Guelph,” says Scott Stewart, Chief Administration Officer, City of Guelph.“This project is a critical part of creating a more prosperous, vibrant, and socially connected Downtown; it’s a big moment for all of us.”

The groundbreaking follows the successful conclusion of the procurement process for the new central library, underground parking garage, and public squares. The project is coming in within the approved budget. The project team has been successful in working with our construction manager to address inflationary cost pressures through value engineering including review of construction methods and exploration of alternative materials. Construction of the central library and underground parking is expected to be completed in about three years.

“We’re thrilled to put shovels in the ground for our new central public library,” says Steven Kraft, Chief Executive Officer, Guelph Public Library. “This is a big step forward. The new library is going to bring many social, economic, and environmental benefits to the city. It will also support the needs of our growing population.”

More details about the groundbreaking will be shared as they are confirmed.

About the Baker District redevelopment

The new 8,175 square metre (88,000 square foot) library will be the main feature of the Baker District redevelopment project. It will be a zero-carbon building in alignment with the City’s goal of achieving a 63 per cent reduction in greenhouse gas emissions by 2030 and net zero carbon by 2050 to win Guelph’s Race To Zero.
The underground parking garage will have more than 150 public parking spots. Meanwhile, the public squares will add beauty and create places for people to gather in Downtown Guelph.

The Baker District project is a landmark City-building initiative to transform a former municipal parking lot into a multi-use, compact district in Downtown Guelph. The redevelopment is an important part of the Downtown Renewal program—a massive undertaking to transform how Downtown Guelph looks, feels, and functions, while also preserving its unique cultural heritage.

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