Using less water in Guelph with the help of smart businesses

Announcing the 2023 Water Smart Business webinar series

Guelph, Ont., March 13, 2023—The City of Guelph is hosting a series of webinars to encourage more businesses to take advantage of the City’s Water Smart Business program. Water Smart Business was specifically created for the local business community to help them save money and save water. The webinars are free to attend and will cover a wide range of water-related topics, including alternatives to geothermal systems, how businesses can use water wisely, and a primer on water meter readings.

About the webinars

The first webinar, Geothermal: There are better solutions in Guelph, happens March 30 at 11 a.m. City staff will highlight the benefits of the Water Smart Business program and talk about alternatives to geothermal systems. Geothermal systems use groundwater to heat and cool buildings and facilities, however, there are constraints in Guelph because the city is dependent on groundwater for its municipal water supply.

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In June, the webinar will focus on water efficiency, sharing simple, low-cost solutions for businesses. Finally in October, water metering will be front and centre in this webinar, all about using real-time data to drive business decisions.

More details for these webinars will be shared later this year.

Providing rebates, incentives and long-term cost savings

Water Smart Business provides Guelph businesses that use high volumes of water an opportunity to save on long-term water costs and take advantage of rebates and financial incentives.

“Industrial, commercial and institutional businesses are the highest water users in Guelph. Offering incentives to encourage and support them to invest in technology that will reduce water use and help protect Guelph’s drinking water supply just makes sense,” says Steven Snopkowski, the City’s sustainable business program coordinator. “We provide programs and rebates to help residents use less water and it’s equally important to offer financial incentives and resources for our business community too.”

Through the Water Smart Business program, the City of Guelph compensates businesses for installing permanent, water conservation upgrades up to $100,000; the incentive is calculated based on the amount of water it saves. The program also includes free water billing reviews, and of up to $10,000 toward the cost of a third-party water audit.

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About Guelph water

Guelph relies on groundwater for its drinking water supply  which means our community is vulnerable to water quantity risks. Preserving and protecting our water supply means we can delay having to find new water sources, and costs associated with building new wells, treatment facilities and underground infrastructure. Since 2006, water conservation efforts have resulted in over $40 million in savings from water infrastructure projects. The less water we use, the less energy we’ll need to treat that water, and the closer we’ll get to achieving .

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