Sleeman Breweries is seeing results with savings of $266,000 annually!

Sleeman Breweries, with over 220 employees in their first-established brewery in Guelph, has instilled waste reduction into their employee culture and is always looking for new and innovative ways to reduce their impact on natural resources, like water.

After auditing their water use through the Water Smart Business program, Sleeman identified that they could reduce their water use by an estimate of over 300 cubic metres (m3) per day if they replaced their bottle line pasteurizer. Pasteurization is a process that uses heat to remove pathogens from packaged products to extend shelf life, a common process used in the food and beverage sector.

With a new bottle line pasteurizer installed, Sleeman is expected to save $266,000 off their water bill annually. Through the Water Smart Business program, Sleeman Breweries is making a difference in their community while saving money for their business.

Quick facts

  • Total cost of retrofit: >$1.0M
  • Water savings following retrofit: 298 m3/day (74,690 m3/year)
  • Annual savings off water bill: $265,896
  • Estimated 15-year savings: $3,850,000 (estimated without water/wastewater rates changing over time)
  • Water Smart Business one-time incentive: $89,628

About the Water Smart Business program

The Water Smart Business program offers financial incentives to Guelph businesses that complete a detailed water audit and capital retrofits that permanently reduce water demand. To learn more, visit