Guelph expanding traffic infrastructure to further improve road safety and accessibility in 2023

Guelph, Ont., March 15, 2023 – We’re installing new traffic and bicycle signals, all-way stops, pedestrian crossovers and traffic calming measures across Guelph to help improve road safety and accessibility for people walking, cycling, riding transit, using mobility devices and driving.

Guelphites will see the following traffic control measures installed throughout 2023.

Traffic signals

  • Scottsdale Drive at Ironwood Road to replace an existing pedestrian signal
  • Victoria Road North at Royal Recreation Trail (Speed River) where a new mid-block pedestrian signal will be installed, including bicycle signals
  • Victoria Road South at Florence Lane will be temporarily signalized as part of Phase 3 of the York Road improvements project. The signal will be removed at the completion of this phase of the project.

Traffic signal updates

Each year we modernize some traffic signals at Guelph intersections to replace aging equipment. This year, we’ll upgrade the following three intersections:

  • Wellington Street East at Neeve Street
  • Speedvale Avenue East/West at Woolwich Street
  • York Road at Stevenson Street South

Bicycle signals

Bicycle signals are planned for the following locations:

  • Victoria Road North at Royal Recreation Trail (Speed River) as part of the mid-block pedestrian signal
  • Wellington Street East at Neeve Street on the south leg
  • Speedvale Avenue East/West at Woolwich Street as part of a roadway reconstruction project
  • Speedvale Avenue West at Imperial Road North as part of the multi-use path project

All-way stops

  • Kortright Road East at Sweeney Drive
  • Zaduk Place at Sweeney Drive
  • Balmoral Drive at Inverness Drive
  • Imperial Road North at Massey Road

Pedestrian crossovers

Pedestrian crossings help you get from one side of the road to the other. At a pedestrian crossover, drivers must wait until pedestrians have cleared the entire road before proceeding.

We are installing new pedestrian crossovers at:

  • Downey Road at Pheasant Run Drive
  • Paisley Street at Glasgow Street North

Traffic calming measures

Traffic calming measures can reduce vehicle speeds and volumes while also reducing conflicts between road users, such as people walking, biking, and driving. Measures can include speed cushions, curb extensions or a traffic island. The following roads will receive traffic calming measures:

  • Kortright Road East between Gordon Street and Sweeney Drive
  • Scottsdale Drive between College Avenue West and Janefield Avenue
  • Rickson Avenue within the school zone for Rickson Ridge Public School
  • Waverly Drive between Riverview Drive and Balmoral Drive
  • Riverview Drive between Waverly Drive and Speedvale Avenue East
  • Starwood Drive between Watson Parkway North and Eastview Road
  • Ptarmigan Drive within the school zone for Kortright Hills Public School

For more Information

Steve Anderson, C.E.T. (he/him) Manager Transportation Engineering
Engineering and Transportation Services, Infrastructure, Development & Enterprise
City of Guelph
519-822-1260 extension 2037
[email protected]