Downtown Parking Master Plan – March 2023 progress summary

Q1, 2022 – Q3, 2023: 25% complete

Recent progress

  • Twenty-nine stakeholder feedback interviews have been conducted.
  • Policy analysis and alignment work is underway.
  • Financial modelling underway; municipal fare comparison in progress.
  • Preparations complete for Council workshop on parking scheduled for March 29, 2023.

New opportunities or challenges

  • The Provincial Bill 23, More Homes Built Faster Act, requires significant changes to The Planning Act, which may impact the studies to be undertaken and resulting recommendations within this master plan.

Next steps

  • Begin community engagement in Q2 2023.
  • Launch of public feedback mechanism on the City of Guelph’s Have Your Say platform in April.
  • Virtual public meeting to be scheduled first week of April for public comment.
  • Public survey #1 will be available on Have Your Say from April 4 to 28.
  • Ongoing small group interviews with internal and external stakeholders.
  • In-person public meeting and discussion to be scheduled first week of June.
  • Public survey #2 will be available on Have your Say from May 30 to June 16.
  • Analysis of role of Guelph Transit in future parking demand and mode shift to more transit usage.
  • Further analysis of current employment trends related to work/live and hybrid working agreements in downtown corporate offices.
  • Detailed survey of downtown businesses, social service agencies, and medical practitioners to understand unique needs.