By completing a domestic retrofit, St. Joseph’s Health Centre saves over $37,000 annually!

St. Joseph’s Health Centre is Guelph’s leading, fully accredited, not-for-profit provider of resident long-term care, complex medical, and rehabilitation services. St. Joseph’s Health Centre works with Blackstone Energy Services to reduce their waste output and they are proactively looking for new and innovative ways to reduce their impact on natural resources, like their water use.

After auditing their water use through the Water Smart Business program, St. Joseph’s Health Centre alongside Blackstone Energy Services identified they could reduce their water use by an estimate of over 35 cubic metres per day if they conducted a domestic retrofit.

By installing new domestic fixtures, St. Joseph’s Health Centre is expected to save $37,000 off its water bill annually. Through the Water Smart Business Program, St. Joseph’s Health Centre is making a difference in its community while also saving money.

Quick facts

  • Total cost of retrofit: >$500,000
  • Water savings following retrofit: 27 m3/day (9,850 m3/year)
  • Annual savings off water bill: $37,153
  • Estimated 15-year savings: $557,000 (estimated without water/wastewater rates changing over time)
  • Water Smart Business one-time incentive: $20,303

About the Water Smart Business program

The Water Smart Business program offers financial incentives to Guelph businesses that complete a detailed water audit and capital retrofits that permanently reduce water demand. To learn more, visit