Baker District resumes construction in April 2023

• Baker Street will switch to two-way, local traffic only.
• Expect changes to on-street parking.

March 10, 2023
To bring our ambitious vision for Baker District to life, we are resuming construction activities in Baker Street, Chapel Lane and Park Lane at the beginning of April. The work includes upgrades to storm and sanitary sewers. Once the underground work is complete, and before we put the roads back together, we’ll have an opportunity to modernize and upgrade the streetscape and make Baker District future–ready. The reconstruction will be phased to minimize impacts on downtown businesses and other community members.

What this means to community members

In early April, Baker Street will switch to two-way, local traffic only. There will be no through traffic in this area. On-street parking will be prohibited on Baker Street, Chapel and Park Lanes for the duration of the reconstruction project.

Every effort will be made to maintain access to short-term loading, pick-up and drop-off for businesses in this area. We will also work to maintain access to driveways, parking garages and private parking lots in the construction area. Construction activities and equipment movement may temporarily impact access to private property and minor delays should be expected.

Additionally, there will be short-term closures of both Wyndham Street and Cardigan Street in order to accommodate service upgrades in support of the Baker District Redevelopment. We will provide further information and notice about these closures.

This ongoing work forms part of the Baker District redevelopment which will transform a former municipal parking lot into a compact district nestled in Guelph’s historic core. This landmark city-building initiative will create a renewed area of activity, commerce and civic space for the local community and city.

To learn more about the project, please check out the Baker District Redevelopment webpage at

For more information contact

Stephen Gazzola, Project Manager
Facilities and Energy Management
City of Guelph
519-822-1260 extension 3886
[email protected]