Stormwater Management Master Plan – December 2022 Progress Summary

Q1 2020 – Q2 2023 (85% complete)

Recent progress/achievements to date

  • All modelling work complete
  • Infiltration policy and design criteria complete, including a low impact development program
  • Erosion site alternative solutions and evaluation
  • Recommendations for new and existing ponds complete
  • Public Open House #2 held on November 29, 2022
  • Summer pop-ups to engage and educate took place throughout August/September 2022
  • Draft innovation strategy

New opportunities or relevant challenges

  • Pending Ministry of Environment, Conservation and Parks (MECP) Consolidated Linear ECA process, currently being implemented across Ontario, has requirements to qualify for the streamlined stormwater ECA that may impact design criteria and policy
  • Pending MECP Low Impact Development Stormwater Guidance Manual, recently reviewed by the City, has no mandatory requirements but encourages development and application of innovative practices at the municipal level that may impact design criteria and policy
  • Bill 23, recently passed, has requirements for growth that may have implications on the work completed to date

Next steps

  • Finalize innovation strategy
  • Prioritize all identified work in the capital implementation plan
  • Low impact development program implementation plan
  • Prepare project file
  • Anticipate bringing this master plan forward to City Council in Q2, 2023
  • File the Environmental Assessment