Parks and Recreation Master Plan – December 2022 Progress Summary

2019-2022; 75% complete

Recent progress/achievements to date

  • The final round of community engagement to inform the draft master plan was conducted this past August. Engagement included an online survey, intercept surveying, three community workshops, and several community pop-ups.
  • GIS mapping and facility inventory and provisioning analysis currently underway.

New opportunities or challenges

  • Economic Development and Tourism, with Museums and Culture, initiated a Culture and Sport Tourism mapping strategy project. The strategy may have some impact on indoor and outdoor facilities specifically as it relates to sports tourism. The plans will be coordinated to align with each other.
  • The provincial government’s Bill 23: More Homes Built Faster Act requires significant changes to The Planning Act as well as other legislation relevant to park and recreation planning. This will impact various strategies that are being developed through the Parks and Recreation Master Plan.

Next steps

  • To complete the following:
  • community engagement analysis;
  • policy review;
  • municipal comparator review:
  • trends analysis;
  • GIS mapping and inventory analysis; and
  • financial analysis.


These activities will be used to develop draft strategies that will form the recommendations of the Parks and Recreation Master Plan.