Downtown Parking Master Plan – December 2022 Progress Summary

Q1, 2022 – Q3, 2023: 10% complete

Recent progress/achievements to date

  • Twenty-three stakeholder feedback interviews have been conducted.
  • Policy analysis and alignment work is underway.
  • Manual, on-street occupancy data collection is underway.
  • Installation of occupancy sensors on downtown streets for real-time data.
  • External consultation with Downtown Guelph Business Association.
  • Engagement with Metrolinx to discuss all-day, two-way GO service in Guelph.
  • Community engagement and communications plan is complete, approved, and ready to roll out.

New opportunities or relevant challenges

  • The easing of COVID-related restrictions will allow for greater community engagement during the needs assessment phase of the study.
  • The Provincial Bill 23: More Homes Built Faster Act requires significant changes to The Planning Act, which may impact the studies to be undertaken and resulting recommendations within this master plan.


Next steps

  • Begin community engagement in Q1 2023.
  • Launch of public feedback mechanism on the City’s Have Your Say platform.
  • Analysis of growth projections and development activity forecast downtown.
  • Deeper analysis of current employment trends related to work/live and hybrid working agreements in downtown corporate offices.
  • Integrate projections from the Economic Development and Tourism Strategy for Guelph.
  • Detailed survey of downtown businesses, social service agencies, and medical practitioners to understand unique needs.