See a problem? Report a problem: Report a problem map helps Guelphites submit more customer service requests

Guelph, Ont., December 14, 2022 – We’re updating our Report a Problem Map by adding 22 new service types. That means 68 of the City’s most popular services, such as bylaw enforcement, potholes, parking problems, traffic signal malfunctions and long grass on sports field, are just a point and click away.

No app needed! The Report a Problem Map works on mobile phones, tablets and desktop browsers.

The map allows people to report a problem and request customer service for services as part of the “How can we help you?” service menu.

How to report a problem using the map

You can report a problem in six (6) easy steps from the Report a Problem Map site:

  1. Click “Proceed as guest”
  2. Select a category
  3. Click on + Report a problem
  4. Fill out your details (include your email address if you would like updates about the problem)
  5. Select a location on the map
  6. Click Report it

New service options

In addition to popular service requests like parking problems, potholes, and missed waste pickup, the map now includes:

  • Graffiti in parks or on trails
  • Graffiti on public property
  • Long grass in a park or sports field
  • Long grass on a boulevard or near a road
  • A playground issue
  • Park shelter maintenance or damage
  • Park washroom maintenance or damage
  • Park fence or gate issue or damage
  • Park sign issues
  • Gravel road or shoulder issue (excluding the Hanlon Expressway)
  • Pothole or asphalt damage (excluding the Hanlon Expressway)
  • Curb damage
  • Traffic light or pedestrian signal issue
  • Streetlight damage or malfunction
  • Storm drain blockage/damage or flooding
  • Inaccessible entrance
  • Patio issue
  • Derelict vehicle in a driveway

Previously known as the Report an Issue Map, the new map name and extended customer service options make it easier for people to find the map and submit a service request.

See a problem? Report a problem. It’s that easy!

For more information

Stacey Hare, Program Manager, Customer Service and Experience
City Clerk’s Office
City of Guelph
519-822-1260 extension 2611
[email protected]