City’s Destination Marketing Organization hires Destination Marketing Lead

Guelph, Ont., December 6, 2022— The City of Guelph and Guelph Chamber of Commerce are pleased to announce that Hilary McCann is joining the City’s Destination Marketing Organization (DMO) as its marketing lead beginning today.

Following the successful implementation of the Municipal Accommodation Tax (MAT), the City partnered with the Chamber, the City’s chosen not-for-profit DMO, to develop and implement a robust destination marketing plan that will make Guelph a premier place to travel for work and leisure. As the DMO’s lead contact, Hilary will work closely with Visit Guelph to continue building strong partnerships within the tourism industry.

Hilary’s senior-level experience in both marketing and communications with the Government of Ontario and United Way, among other employers, will be valuable toward shaping the City’s destination marketing plan. Hilary is an avid traveler, runs a travel blog, and has first-hand experience of tourism around the world.

Implementing the MAT and hiring a destination marketing lead in partnership with the Chamber as the City’s DMO is an outcome of the 2022-2026 Economic Development and Tourism Strategy, and supports the City’s goal of building Guelph as a must-see visitor destination in Ontario. In partnership with the DMO, the City will also develop a revised destination marketing plan to enhance Guelph’s unique brand for business, talent and visitors.


“We’re excited to continue making Guelph a premier location for visitors around Ontario, Canada, and the world. We welcome Hilary to this role and look forward to working with her to continue advancing positive tourism outcomes made possible by the Municipal Accommodation Tax.”
– Alex Jaworiwsky, manager, Tourism and Destination Development, City of Guelph

“We’re looking forward to the positive impact this initiative will have for businesses and our community. Hilary will be busy meeting with groups in the sector as well as developing and implementing activities aimed at increasing the number of overnight stays in Guelph.”
– Shakiba Shayani, President and CEO, Guelph Chamber of Commerce

About Visit Guelph

Visit Guelph stewards the Guelph story for visitors and residents by fostering a well-connected community through engagement, facilitation, and coordination. The team supports tourism businesses, destination development, and visitor services. Visit Guelph also supports the 2022-2026 Economic Development and Tourism Strategy and operates the Municipal Accommodation Tax (MAT). Learn more about Visit Guelph at:

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The Guelph Chamber of Commerce is a non-profit, member-driven organization dedicated to advocating, connecting, and convening on behalf of its members. As the voice of business in the Guelph community for over 190 years, the Guelph Chamber facilitates conversations, connections, and solutions that strengthens the economic prosperity of the community. Learn more about the Guelph Chamber of Commerce at

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Guelph Chamber of Commerce
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