Testing at the Clythe Well will begin November 14

About the project

The City is working with a contractor and environmental consultant to test the Clythe well. The test will pump potable drinking water to the stormwater management pond located on the east corner of Watson Parkway and York Road.

Work begins November 14

The work is expected to begin Monday, November 14 and will continue over the course of up to four weeks, sometimes for 24 hours a day. The public is required to stay clear of the work area within the stormwater management pond for the duration of the testing.

What to expect

There may be an odour associated with the discharged water and/or higher water levels in the stormwater management pond. The discharged water has been tested and confirmed to be clean and safe drinking water. The odour is due to naturally occurring sulfur in the groundwater source.

The City will use the test results for the Clythe Creek Subwatershed Study Update, and to inform the potential for the future construction of a water treatment plant at 23 Watson Road North.

Map of test area

Location map of the Clythe Well and stormwater management pond on the north side of York Road between Watson Road and Watson Parkway.

Map of the Clythe Well and stormwater management pond

For more information

Albanie Douglas, Hydrogeologist
Water Services, Environmental Services
City of Guelph
[email protected]