Downtown Update – November 2022

Baker District redevelopment construction continues

There are a lot of exciting things happening downtown Guelph. Please read on for updates about ongoing and upcoming key projects and initiatives, engagement opportunities, and more.

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The Library and Baker District Redevelopment

In support of the Baker District redevelopment, we’re replacing aging underground pipes and sewers on Baker Street, Chapel, and Park Lanes with future-ready critical infrastructure.

What’s happening

  • We’ve completed the installation of a new water main underneath Baker Street and are ready for commissioning. Soon we will pave Baker Street with temporary asphalt for the winter and will revert back to one-way traffic that includes on-street parking on one side.
  • The next Committee of Adjustment is on Thursday, December 08, 2022, at 4:00 p.m. The variance to allow for the reduced height of the library will be discussed. Get all the details on This will move us one step closer to shovels in the ground.

Our ambitious plans to transform Baker District into a vibrant and welcoming place are coming along as planned.

Still to come

  • Sewer and other underground infrastructure work in this area will begin next spring. The reconstruction of Baker Street, Chapel, and Park Lanes will be ongoing (in phases) until Fall 2024.
  • You’ll see a tender go out soon for the upcoming sewer work.
  • Library ground-breaking is scheduled for spring 2023.

Downtown Renewal

As part of the Downtown Renewal project, we’re replacing our aging water and sewer pipes, roads, and sidewalks with best-in-class critical infrastructure.

Get involved – coming soon

  • Stay tuned: We will be carrying out a survey for your feedback on ways to improve Allan’s Bridge and Allan’s Dam structure. The survey is part of the Environmental Assessment to identify options to improve those structures. We’ll share the Have Your Say survey here for your feedback. This is a huge initiative that will benefit the current and future generations. We look forward to your feedback when the survey is out!

Tell us how we can make downtown even better!

  • Survey time: The City would like to hear your thoughts about the goals and options for Wyndham Street Corridor and the Macdonell Bridge. Your feedback is an important part of ensuring that the critical infrastructure is updated, replaced, and repaired. Please take a few minutes to review the Envoronmental Assessment Study Concepts document, and complete this survey by November 30.

More updates

Updates from the Downtown Revitalization team

How do we enhance safety in downtown? Or accelerate permanent supportive housing? These are some of the questions informing the meetings of the Strategic Advisory Group.

In their second meeting on October 31, the Advisory Group released operational plans to meet the objectives of six priority areas that were identified in the first round. These objectives directly relate to keeping downtown safe and welcoming.

What is Strategic Advisory Group? 

The Strategic Advisory Group for downtown was created in July 2022, to function as a subcommittee of the Mayor’s Task Force on Homelessness and Community Safety.

It is co-chaired by Mayor Cam Guthrie and Guelph Chamber of Commerce President and CEO Shakiba Shayani and is comprised of community leaders including Guelph’s Member of Parliament, MPP, Chief of Police, directors of front-line service agencies, and the County of Wellington.

Here are more details on what the Group has been up to.