Downtown Update – October 2022

Baker District redevelopment construction continues

There are a lot of exciting things happening downtown Guelph. Please read on for updates about ongoing and upcoming key projects and initiatives, engagement opportunities and more.

Baker District Redevelopment

In support of the Baker District redevelopment, we’re replacing aging underground pipes and sewers on Baker Street, Chapel and Park Lanes to ensure our downtown is future-ready. Before any underground work or road reconstruction can begin, third-party utilities must be relocated.

What’s happening

  • Archaeological clearance was completed earlier this summer.
  • Enbridge Gas has completed their work replacing underground utility pipes.
  • This fall, Alectra Utilities is temporarily relocating hydro poles in the area before the hydro infrastructure is permanently moved underground later next year.
  • In the coming days, crews will begin replacing the watermain on Baker Street. This work will mostly be confined to the east side of Baker Street.
  • Sewer and other underground infrastructure work in this area will begin next spring. The reconstruction of Baker Street, Chapel and Park Lanes will be ongoing (in phases) until Fall 2024.
  • A reminder that during construction, Baker Street, Park Lane and Chapel Lane are local traffic only with no on-street parking available.

Downtown Renewal

We have a vibrant and thriving downtown, and we want it to stay that way for years to come. We also have aging water and sewer pipes, roads and sidewalks that must be replaced; some of the underground pipes are over 100 years old! As part of the Downtown Renewal project, we’re replacing our aging infrastructure and upgrading utility services, and before we put the roads back together, we will have an opportunity to modernize and upgrade the streetscape.

What’s happening

  • Pre-construction activities are ongoing including underground utility locates, soil investigations and other information gathering activities within the downtown core.
  • Over the summer, we hosted pop-ups to introduce the project to the community and receive feedback about how we can make our downtown a place for everyone.
  • In November, we’ll host the first Public Open House to get community feedback on two Municipal Class Environmental Assessments: Macdonell and Allan Structures and Wyndham Street – meeting details to come.
  • Visit to keep updated on all engagement opportunities.

Downtown Parking Study

We’re exploring how we can create a future-ready parking system downtown Guelph. To do this, we’re updating the Downtown Parking Master Plan (approved in 2015). The update will help us plan for how we build, finance and operate our current and future parking system. We’ll be sharing details for how you can get involved in the coming weeks.


About the Downtown Renewal Project

Replacing underground infrastructure in the downtown core doesn’t happen overnight, it takes years to research, engage with the community, plan and implement. And yes, that means construction but we’re not doing all the work at once. We’re working with the downtown community to determine a schedule that limits the impact to daily life as much as possible.

This critical construction will replace aging pipes and upgrade utility services, and before we put the roads back together, we’ll have an opportunity to modernize and beautify the streetscape.

Residents and businesses can sign up for email notices about upcoming engagement opportunities at, and learn more about the project.

About the Baker District redevelopment

The City and Windmill Developments are transforming the existing Baker Street municipal parking lot and adjacent properties into a vibrant district nestled in Guelph’s historic core that will create a renewed area of activity, commerce and civic space for the local community and city.

As a landmark city-building initiative, the Baker District redevelopment further revitalizes Guelph’s downtown and—by extension—improves the entire city’s economic and social prosperity.

For more Information

Stacey Laughlin, MCIP, RPP | Downtown Revitalization Advisor
Office of the Chief Administrative Officer
City of Guelph
519- 822-1260 extension 2327
Mobile 519-321-9601
[email protected]