Water and Wastewater Servicing Master Plan – September 2022 Progress Summary

Q1, 2020 – Q1, 2023; 70 per cent complete

Recent progress/achievements to date

  • Analysis of the existing population as well as future population on the existing networks
  • System failure analysis
  • Progress on alternative solutions for servicing constraints
  • Coordination with Water Supply and Wastewater Treatment and Biosolids Master Plans

New opportunities or relevant challenges of public interest

  • Opportunity to align with the City’s ongoing Municipal Comprehensive Review to ensure consistent future populations are studied in this work
  • The Ministry of Environment, Conservation and Parks’ Consolidated Linear Infrastructure Environmental Compliance Approval is a revised process for how improvements to the City’s existing wastewater network will be logged with the Ministry has been passed and is in effect. This includes revised Design Criteria, which will be studied as part of this project.

Next steps

  • Determine water and wastewater level of service for servicing solutions
  • Develop servicing network improvements to address future population constraints
  • The second Public Information Centre is planned for Q4, 2022