Development charges rates changing September 18

Guelph, Ont., September 16, 2022 – Guelph’s development charges (DC) rates will decrease by about 3 per cent for residential rates and 5 per cent for non-residential rates on September 18, 2022.

The new rates will apply to all building permits issued starting on September 18, 2022. New rates will be available at next week.

Why rates are changing

The slight decrease in Guelphs’ development charges rates is due to the provincial legislative requirement to remove Parking Services from development charges by September 18, 2022. These legislative changes coincide with Guelph’s new Community Benefits Charges which come into effect on September 18, 2022.

Residential building permits

The total flat rate for detached and semi-detached house permits is decreasing to $41,351 per unit from $42,819 per unit.

Industrial, commercial and institutional building permits

The non-residential rate for industrial, commercial, institutional building permits is decreasing to $151.10 per square metre ($14.04 per square foot) from $158.73 per square metre ($14.75 per square foot).

For more information

Colm Lynn, Manager, Financial Strategy and Long-term Planning
City of Guelph
519-822-1260 extension 3421
[email protected]