Clythe Creek subwatershed study update will inform planning for land use, water supply, stormwater management and infrastructure

Guelph, Ont., August 10, 2022—The City is updating a 1997 study on the Clythe Creek subwatershed to inform planned land use intensification, the Clythe Water Treatment Plant and Booster Pumping Station project, stormwater management improvements, and the widening of York Road between Victoria Road South, east to the city limit, and the realignment of Clythe Creek south of York Road to its confluence with the Eramosa River.

“Major land use changes have taken place in this area over the last 25 years,” explains Leah Lefler, environmental planner, Planning and Building Services. “We’re committed to protecting our natural resources, and the City needs up-to-date information to make sure that proposed development plans won’t negatively impact the Clythe Creek subwatershed and will ideally make the subwatershed healthier.”

About subwatersheds

A watershed is an area of land where water drains to a common outlet. Guelph is part of the Grand River watershed. All water in Guelph eventually drains to the Grand River and outlets to Lake Erie.

A subwatershed is a catchment that drains within a larger watershed. The Clythe Creek subwatershed includes Clythe, Hadati and Watson creeks in the east end of Guelph. These creeks drain to the Eramosa River and Speed River before reaching the Grand River. The Clythe Creek subwatershed also extends into Guelph/Eramosa Township in Wellington County.

A subwatershed study is an outcome of subwatershed planning, a multidisciplinary approach for managing natural heritage and water resources based on ecology, engineering, land use planning and resource management. Protection, maintenance and restoration of natural heritage, water resources and their functions are integral to subwatershed planning.

Subwatershed plans are implemented through the policies of Guelph’s Official Plan and support City-wide master plans such as the Stormwater Management Master Plan and the Water Supply Master Plan.


Clythe Creek subwatershed study update

York Road Environmental Design Study

York Road and Elizabeth Street land use study and urban design concept plan

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