Satisfaction survey: 95 per cent of residents proud to call Guelph home

Guelph, Ont., June 17, 2022 – Today, the City of Guelph releases its 2022 satisfaction survey results, which show that residents continue to be happy with life in Guelph, and with City services.

The survey, conducted between March 29 and April 16, asked residents to share information about their perception of Guelph’s quality of life, and experiences with City programs and services, customer service, and communication.

“Satisfaction research helps us understand if we’re meeting our mission to deliver responsible and responsive public service to Guelph’s growing and diverse community,” says Scott Stewart, chief administrative officer, adding, “The results also identify opportunities where we can continue to make investments to ensure the city is future ready and a great place for everyone.”

What we heard (summary)

Resident perception of the quality of life in the city of Guelph remains unchanged in 2022 (96 per cent) compared to 95 per cent in 2019. The proportion of people (41 per cent) who say it’s very good is on par with the national norm (40 per cent).

Most respondents also report having positive perceptions of Guelph as a community.

  • 95 per cent agree that they are proud to say they are from Guelph
  • 94 per cent agree that Guelph is a welcoming community
  • 90 per cent also agree that Guelph is an environmentally responsible city

The survey results also show that millennials (71 per cent) are slightly more optimistic about Guelph’s future, and their role in it when compared to boomers (61 per cent) and Gen Xers (56 per cent).

The area that saw the greatest improvement is the proportion of residents (78 per cent) who perceive Guelph as a great place to own a business with those agreeing or strongly agreeing up 22 points from 2019 (56 per cent). While this increase is a positive upwards trend, the information was gathered through a random sampling of residents, rather than a focus on those who own businesses in Guelph. A follow-up employment survey is being conducted to better understand Guelph’s local economic profile and the business owner’s perspective.

Seventy-eight per cent of residents remain satisfied with the value they receive for their tax dollars, including user rates and fees, and express a preference for increasing user fees (35 per cent) or taxes (32 per cent) to support City services instead of decreasing service levels.

When asked about their most recent interaction with the City, 76 per cent of residents say they are satisfied with the information or service provided, and 80 per cent believe that the City provides information in an open and transparent way. However, eight per cent of respondents say they’ve experienced barriers or difficulties in accessing City programs and services, with physical and accessibility barriers cited most often.

Residents who had contact with the City between March 2021 and March 2022 say the information or services provided are:

  • Fair and equitable: 81 per cent agree
  • Easy and accessible: 80 per cent agree
  • Accurate and reliable: 79 per cent agree
  • Timely: 78 per cent agree
  • Personal: 74 per cent agree

“It’s reassuring to read this year’s survey results,” says Stewart, explaining that the survey was conducted at a time when the Guelph community is facing challenges and pressures like ongoing COVID-19 impacts, inflation, and increasing housing affordability issues. “Considering these challenges, the survey findings tell us that what we’re doing to adjust during this time of flux is working for most of our community, and we’re glad to hear people are generally happy living in Guelph. What we heard also tells us that there’s more work to do around equity, accessibility, and affordable housing.”

Stewart adds that the City will use the results to support and inform corporate initiatives and processes like the multi-year budget and upcoming strategic plan refresh, improve program or service design and delivery, and enhance the resident experience.

“As a City, we’re helping to shape tomorrow so that Guelph’s residents will continue to be proud to live here. The survey results, along with Guelph’s Community Plan and the City’s strategic plan, serve as a guide in our journey to run a modern government, one that is effective, fiscally responsible, and trusted by the community.”


Between March 29 and April 16, the City conducted its third satisfaction survey since 2017 to better understand resident needs and expectations. Ipsos administered the survey and completed 600 interviews by phone with residents 18 years or older. An additional 287 self-selected respondents participated in an online survey, between March 28 and April 19.

The 2022 information collected was compared to past City of Guelph satisfaction surveys, as well as Ipsos’ municipal database wherever possible.

The City will continue to conduct the survey every two years, with the next one planned for 2024.


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