Guelph Shops Business Spotlight Profile – The Towne Winer

The Towne Winer has been operating in Guelph since 2001. They are a multi-award-winning micro-winery. The Towne Winer specializes in vinting high quality barrel age wines, craft beer, cider, and fruit wines. They also offer wine essentials, accessories, equipment, and supplies for the home wine and beer enthusiast.

The Towne Winer is located at 115 Downey Road, Unit #5.

Barrie Browne and Liz Woolford, owners of The Towne Winer

Barrie Browne and Liz Woolford started the business and are continuing to operate it to this day. Barrie, also known as “the winer”, began vinting wines more than 40 years ago. Liz brings more than 30 years of experience in retail. Both of their backgrounds complemented each other well which has led to the longevity of the business.

Initially they started the business to provide a quality alternative to the LCBO, that was both local and affordable. Over the years they have continued to grow and offer new products. They enjoy the satisfaction of keeping their customers happy.

They chose to invest in Guelph because they have lived within the community for more than 35 years and have a love for the city.

Business background

The Towne Winer launched operations in 2001. Their mission is to help craft commercial-quality wines and craft beer at non-commercial pricing.

The Towne Winer has been recognized with numerous local and international awards throughout the years including Guelph Mercury-Tribune Readers’ Choice awards, Wine Maker International awards, The InterVin International Wine awards, and more. Despite the recognition through awards, Barrie has always felt that “you are the final judge, as the wine truly speaks for itself.”

When asked why it’s important to support local, Barrie responded, “rent is high for all small and medium sized businesses, especially in retail, so small businesses need your support to continue offering great products and services.”

We also asked what makes The Towne Winer stand out.

“Our approach to production of wine over the decades is unique,” replied Liz. “We strive to stand out in our field by vinting via our extensive French oak barrel program, sourcing best in class juices and patiently barrel aging to enhance the finished quality for our winers. We want our customer visits to be a fun experience and we accomplish this by providing an inviting and engaging atmosphere.”

The winery’s future plans include ongoing growth and continuously improving their processes and customer experience. They are always developing new custom blends and styles for their discerning clientele.

Visit The Towne Winer website to learn more about their excellent selection of wines, craft beers, and ciders.

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