Construction notice: Underground utility investigations of downtown start June 20

Partial lane closures on several streets including Wyndham Street and Macdonell Street

Notice date: June 2, 2022

About the project

As part of the Downtown Guelph Project, and in advance of replacing underground infrastructure and rebuilding the roads in the area, the City will be completing a Subsurface Utility Engineering (SUE) investigation throughout the Downtown core. This work will help inform upgrades required of our critical infrastructure necessary to provide quality service and support the vitality of our downtown core.

Activities on site will include connecting to and locating existing utility infrastructure using pipe and cable locators to measure and collect information within the sewer systems.

Construction schedule

Between June 20 and approximately August 8 (weather permitting), crews will be on-site throughout the downtown core carrying out utility investigations.

Lane reductions

The utility investigations will require partial lane closures of each road, with single lane closures taking place alternatively. Each street will remain open for traffic in both directions at all times. For two-lane streets, traffic will be required to yield to oncoming traffic. All intersections within the investigation area will remain open.

Week of June 20

  • Macdonell Street from Norfolk Street to Woolwich Street
  • Cork Street East from Norfolk Street to Wyndham Street North

Week of June 27

  • Dublin Street from Cork Street West to Kent Street
  • Northumberland Street from Dublin Street North to Kent Street
  • Kent Street from Dublin Street North to Northumberland Street
  • Quebec Street / Paisley Street near Norfolk Street to Wyndham Street North

Week of July 4

  • Suffolk Street East near Norfolk Street to Woolwich Street
  • Norwich Street near Norfolk Street to Cardigan Street
  • Commercial Street
  • Norfolk Street from Woolwich Street to CN Rail (for two weeks)

Week of July 11

  • Green Street near Norfolk Street
  • Liverpool Street near Norfolk Street
  • Oxford Street near Norfolk Street
  • Douglas Street from Wyndham Street North to Woolwich Street
  • Church Lane

Week of July 18

  • Cardigan Street from London Rd East to Woolwich Street
  • Wyndham Street North from Carden to Woolwich including St. George’s Square (for three weeks)

Week of July 25

  • Woolwich Street from Macdonell Street to Norfolk Street (for three weeks)

Week of August 1

  • Woolwich Street from Macdonell Street to Norfolk Street (for three weeks)

Week of August 8

  • Thorp Street
  • Woolwich Street from Macdonell Street to Norfolk Street (for three weeks)

Map showing study area as downtown Guelph from London Road in the north to the CN railway tracks to the south.

Business access and parking

All businesses in the investigation area will remain open and accessible throughout construction. Every effort will be made to maintain access to driveways, however, this will be dependent upon locations of each individual maintenance hole. Setup and activities at each maintenance hole is expected to be limited to approximately 15 minutes.

Pedestrian Access

All sidewalks will remain open throughout the investigation duration.

Guelph Transit

Visit or follow them on Facebook or Twitter for information about stop changes and route detours.

There may be specific transit stops that may need temporary relocations if maintenance holes are in conflicting locations.

Project updates

The City appreciates your patience, understanding and co-operation during this important construction project. Project details and any updates will be posted on

For more information

David Di Pietro, P. Eng., Project Engineer
Design and Construction, Engineering and Transportation Services
519-822-1260 extension 3574
[email protected]