New speed limit and community safety zone signs coming soon

Road work happening May to September 

Guelph, Ont., May 2, 2022 – We’re getting ready to reduce speeds in 48 Guelph neighbourhoods and select arterial roads, and to create community safety zones near schools following Council’s direction to improve road safety. 

Crews are working throughout Guelph on a neighbourhood by neighbourhood basis to verify locations for new signposts, which takes about three to four weeks. White paint on the curb indicates a new signpost is coming to that location.  

The first neighbourhood will get new speed limit and community safety zone signs in late spring or early summer. All signs and speed limits changes should be complete by the end of September, and can be viewed on the online mapping tool. 

Lowering speed limits to keep people safe

Based on detailed research, analysis and community feedback, we’re reducing speeds in Guelph neighbourhoods from 50 kilometres per hour (km/h) to 40 km/h, and reducing speed limits on all streets in the downtown core to 40 km/h, excluding Carden and Wilson streets which are currently posted at 30 km/h. 

Speed limits will also be reduced on 12 collector and arterial roads including sections of Clair Road West, Gordon Street, College Avenue, Wellington Street and Woolwich Street. 

Speed limits in school zones currently posted as 30 km/h and flashing 40 km/h zones will stay the same and be designated as community safety zones where speeding fines are doubled. 

For more information 

Paul Hutchison, Supervisor, Traffic Engineering
Engineering and Transportation Services
City of Guelph
519-822-1260 extension 3679
TTY 519-826-9771
[email protected]